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Wisconsin’s Prison Population

Wednesday, 6 February 2013 | A Public Affair

On Wednesday February 6th, Tim Hansel hosted a show about WISDOM, an umbrella group which includes nine fully-formed congregation-based community organizations. WISDOM has created the 11X15 Campaign to decrease the number of incarcerated people in Wisconsin and promote alternatives to incarceration. Tim spoke with David Liners, Executive Director of WISDOM, Jerome Dillard, a member of the Dane County chapter of the organization, and Reverend Jerry Hancock from the Prison Ministry Project. more »

A Well-Regulated Militia

Wednesday, 23 January 2013 | A Public Affair

On Wednesday January 23rd, host Tim Hansel spoke with author Saul Cornell about his book, “A Well-Regulated Militia:The Founding Fathers and the Origins of Gun Control in America.” more »

Food Pantry Gardens Program

Wednesday, 11 July 2012 | A Public Affair

On Wednesday July 11th, Tim Hansel interviewed Josie Montanez-Tyler, Assistant Manager of Madison’s St. Vincent de Paul Food Pantry, and Tom Parslow, Volunteer Coordinator at Lacy Garden. “We are volunteers (retirees, church and group groups, student and youth groups, families and/or individuals) making a difference by growing food for people who don’t have access to an adequate food supply. Mission: We help feed the hungry in the Madison (WI) area by providing food pantries with fresh, nutritious vegetables. We annually raise about 100,000 lbs of produce in six gardens at five locations. You are invited to be one of the volunteers who plant, weed, and harvest the seven acres we garden. Each hour of volunteer work results in 50 …. more »

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