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Vox Pop Line: Son of WWII Veteran Takes Issue with Shutdown

Monday, 14 October 2013 | buzz

The Monday Buzz wants to hear from you! Call our VoxPop line at 608-622-7899 and record a rant, commentary, song, poem or any other audio message that will fit in three minutes or less. Keep it clean, keep it brief, and if we like it, we’ll play it on the air. On October 14, an anonymous caller left a message on the VoxPop line. He felt Congress should be ashamed of itself for shutting down the government, and, in honor of his World War II Veteran father, wanted to make his displeasure public. Thanks for the call and the heartfelt message. more »

Badger Honor Flight

Thursday, 13 June 2013 | buzz

On Wednesday, June 12th, Buzz host Jan Miyasaki talked with Katherine Christenson about the Badger Honor Flight network and her experience with it. Badger Honor Flight is an affiliate of the national Honor Flight network, which allows elderly or terminally ill WWII and now Korean/Vietnam War veterans to visit memorials around the country that have been established in their honor. more »

Doug Bradley: DEROS Vietnam

Friday, 16 November 2012 | buzz
by Doug Bradley

On Friday, November 16, host Jonathan Zarov speaks with Doug Bradley, author of DEROS Vietnam: Dispatches from the Air-Conditioned Jungle. Though this fictional work is not about the actual battlefield, it is based on Doug’s experiences in Vietnam, and deals with “the battle for the human soul.” Doug explains the acronym DEROS -Date Eligible for Return from Over Seas, something that was constantly in the minds of the men who were serving overseas, waiting to return home safely.   The book provides a lengthy introduction that provides readers unfamiliar with the Vietnam War a background of the various aspects of the war, including the draft and lottery. Doug explains how he himself was drafted, and did not face many other options other than jail or moving to Canada, and ended up joining the military. He worked in an army information office. They speak about war journalism, and the significance and role the journalists played during the war. Doug says, “people forget about the extraordinary journalism that came out of that era. Every good journalist from that era….was pretty much in Vietnam or covered the Vietnam War.”   Doug explains that he returned from Vietnam unharmed, and felt a great amount of guilt about those that did not return, or who returned with injuries. To deal with this, he worked to help other Vietnam vets, and decided that it would help to write about it. Inspired by Hemingway’s In Our Time, Doug’s book is a series of connected short stories that deal with the war experience. Doug also reads an excerpt from his book.   Visit Doug Bradely’s official website.   Listen to the full interview here: more »

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