The Empire of Necessity

Thursday, 23 January 2014 | A Public Affair

“Wow!” was the best way for our Thursday host Allen Ruff to explain how much this book impacted and changed his world views. Check out this edition of A Public Affair to find out why!

On Thursday January 23rd, our host Allen Ruff interviewed history professor at Yale University Greg Grandin about his most recent book, “The Empire of Necessity: Slavery, Freedom, and Deception and the New World” and how Grandin used his gift of storytelling to explore the history of slavery in the Americas.

“One morning in 1805, off a remote island in the South Pacific, Captain Amasa Delano, a New England seal hunter, climbed aboard a distressed Spanish ship carrying scores of West Africans he thought were slaves. They weren’t. Having earlier seized control of the vessel and slaughtered most of the crew, they were staging an elaborate ruse, acting as if they were humble servants. When Delano, an idealistic, anti-slavery republican, finally realized the deception, he responded with explosive violence.”- Macmillin Publishers 

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