The Pitfalls of the American War Machine

Monday, 28 April 2014 | A Public Affair

Our conduct of war abroad has turned increasingly to corporation-based contracting schemes that exploit and lie waste to the lives of all involved. No one knows this better than acclaimed author Janet Burroway of Lake Geneva, who lost her soldier-contractor son to suicide a decade ago last week. Listen to this special edition of APA to learn more!

On Monday April 28th, our host John Quinlan spoke with author of “Losing Tim”, Janet Burroway.┬áHer book, “Losing Tim,” is a compellingly written memoir that unravels the mystery of why her son died by revealing how he lived, and how a badly broken and corrupt American war machine ultimately failed him.

The book she’s written has important lessons to anyone contemplating the “what if’s” behind a loved one’s internal battles with depression and suicide, alongside lessons learned about the overriding need for all good people of conscience to speak out against a greed-based multi-nationally run corporate war system that serves no one, regardless of ideology or principled belief. Janet Burroway was at heart a pacifist who nonetheless grew to accept her oldest son’s dedication to the US military as part of who he was. Her son Tim was an unapologetic lover of guns and military culture who also led courageous efforts in clearing away mines that ultimately saved countless lives. Such are among just a few of the complicated and multi-faceted realities Janet shares with us in “Losing Tim,” which is published by the Minneapolis-based Think Piece Publishing.

If you know someone or you’re concerned for a loved one or a friend, you can call these numbers for guidance:

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255

Journey Mental Health Crisis Line: 608-280-2600

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