The University of Wisconsin Human Resources Strategic Plan

Monday, 29 October 2012 | A Public Affair

On Monday October 29th, host John Quinlan provided an alternate perspective to the University of Wisconsin Human Resources Strategic Plan. Having already aired programs addressing the concerns and critiques of different groups regarding the HR restructuring, John decided to go to the source and interview Bob LaVigna, Director of Human Resources at the UW-Madison, to better understand the reasons behind the changes being made. John also spoke with Mark Walters and Harry Webne-Behrman from the UW HR Department.

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The University of Wisconsin Interim Chancellor David Ward stated of the plan:

The HR Design project represents an unprecedented effort involving OHR, campus governance groups, labor organizations and other university stakeholders to redefine the university’s approach to human resources. We recognize the project’s strong commitment to participation and dialogue as central to creating an HR system tailored to our values, culture and organization… Eleven groups of employees—representing governance groups, labor organizations, administration, classified staff, HR practitioners and other stakeholders—came together in spring semester 2012 to analyze the full range of human resources practices on our campus and to make recommendations for improvement. Their commitment and hard work, supported by the project’s Collaboration, Change Management, Communication and Data Analysis teams, formed the core of this plan. We thank them for their effort, positive spirit and courage in tackling complex and sometimes controversial topics. We also thank the thousands of people from all segments of our campus community who participated in the process and shared their perspectives. The opportunities and initiatives presented in the plan are ambitious and will require changes to our policies, processes, technology and, in some cases, our culture. Many details remain to be clarified, but this document provides a trajectory for improvement. We look forward to ongoing engagement with campus on these important topics.

Although many at the University are optimistic about the new HR restructuring, many have significant concerns. During this hour of A Public Affair, callers were able to ask the head of the HR Department himself about the benefits and drawbacks of the changes being made.

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