The Working-Class Majority

Monday, 3 June 2013 | A Public Affair

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On the Monday, June 3rd show of A Public Affair, host Stu Levitan talked with author Michael Zweig about his book “The Working-Class Majority: America’s Best Kept Secret”. This book discusses issues of class and class stigmatization in America.

From reviews of the book:

“Zweig’s investigation of politics goes beyond the electoral, focusing instead on how a broad working-class social movement (often in alliance with segments of the professional middle class) could reshape workplace and community power relations as well as national politics.”—The Nation

“Those who take (rather than give) orders at work are the working class; at 62 percent of the labor force, they are a majority distracted and diverted from its best interests for several generations. Zweig suggests the implications of this analysis for a number of key political issues, including the ‘underclass,’ ‘family values,’ globalization, and what workers get (and should get) from government. Putting class back on the table produces a thoughtful, provocative analysis of where the nation is going and what working people could do about it.”—Booklist

Michael Zweig will be at the Fighting Forward labor conference coming up June 12th-15th at the Madison College Downtown Education Center.

Listen to the entire show here:

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