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Monday, 27 May 2013 | A Public Affair Monday’s show, our host John Quinlan interviewed some youth from Proud Theater for the first part of the show, that focused on two examples of LGBT-themed theater with upcoming productions. He interviewed Brian Wild and Sol Kelley-Jones (adult leaders) along with three youth (all Members of the Youth Artistic Committee) – Adrian Conner (the youth music director), Emily Ptak-Freeman (a member of the Youth Artistic Committee), and Taylor Smith (the youth artistic director). Because it was a school holiday, it was a rare opportunity to hear from these young people firsthand. Throughout the year, they perform at events throughout the community, educating as they go, and this week’s performances are the yearly culmination of that work.Their next performances are onThursday, May 30th (7:30 pm), Friday, May 31st (7:30 pm) and Saturday, June 1st 2:30 and 7:30 pm at Edgewood College’s Black Box Theater. These Thursday through Saturday performances will feature original comedy and drama vignettes, and musical pieces, written and produced by the youth, drawn on the youths’ own experiences. It’s a community treasure we too often take for granted, now moving into its 13th year.

Also, on June 8th, in conjunction with Milwaukee Pridefest, the Madison chapter of Proud Theater will be performing together with the new Wausau and Milwaukee Proud Theater chapters during Pridefest weekend.
The groups will be doing three joint performances on Saturday, June 8 on the Milwaukee LGBT Community Center’s Community Room Stage at 1 p.m., 2 p.m. and 4 p.m.

For the rest of the show, John Quinlan talked about a special production of a new work about a gay male couple who were visible civic leaders in Mineral Point beginning in the 1930s and throughout their 40 year long partnership. Back in the 1930′s, Bob Neal and Edgar Hellum of Mineral Point began a 40 year long gay partnership that occurred in the full light of day in a small city proud to call them civic leaders. We’ll be beginning tomorrow’s “A Public Affair,” at noon CT tomorrow with a brief interview about “The Bachelors Screenplay,” a reading based on this piece of remarkable local LGBT history being performed both in Chicago and Mineral Point this coming week. “The Bachelors Screenplay” features a gay love story set in the Great Depression, written by Chicago playwrights Martha Meyer and Rick Kinnebrew. Readings are occurring this Wednesday at 7pm in Chicago, and this Sunday at 2pm historic Mineral Point.

Here’s where you can read more:
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Pride issue available, that will be online on Thursday:

Ticket info for the Wed. evening May 29th Chicago show can be found at

Tickets for the Sunday June 2nd matinee showing in Mineral Point can be found here:


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