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Thursday, 27 December 2012 | buzz

On Thursday December 27, our host Tony Castaneda reviews the year 2012 in his “Top Stories of 2012” with Captain Cero. They discuss the recall election of Scott Walker and the events surrounding it as one of the biggest stories in Wisconsin this year. The re-election of President Barack Obama for his second term was also one of the hugest stories in 2012. An important and contentious issue for the coming year in Wisconsin, they predict, “the next big populist struggle in this state” will be the mining initiative.


One big theme for the year is “the struggle by peoples around the world to deal with corporatism. Whether it is mining in northern Wisconsin, idle no more with the First Nations in Canada, the 40,000 Zapatistas marching in Chiapas, the riots that have gone on in Spain, Italy, and Greece, and even the Arab Spring are manifestations of people in the world going ‘no this neo-liberal image of how the world is supposed to work, doesn’t work, and people are starting to rise up against it.” They speak about the persecution of Julian Assange, Bradley Manning, and the Occupy Sandy movement.


Another large theme for the year was climate change. They talk about how there was three times as much tree damage during the recent snowstorm Draco, with an 18-inch snow fall, compared to the tree damage experienced twenty years ago. “The trees were much drier and brittle because of the drought we had this summer.” Also, the glaciers in the Himalayas are melting. This will cause flooding in the surrounding areas, followed by water shortages due to the rivers losing volume.


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