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Sunday, 14 April 2013 | Kiosk Collective

Today in 1934: Los Angeles County Supervisor Roger Jessup calls for deporting some 7,000 indigent Filipinos on the welfare rolls.

A year from now, Congress will respond to such exclusionist demands by passing the Repatriation Act. The law will offer Filipinos transportation to the Philippines at federal expense if they forfeit their right to reenter the United States.

Originally allowed to enter the U.S. as cheap labor, Filipino farm workers are no longer needed because of Mexican labor. They are also no longer wanted because of their union militancy. But the law will repatriate fewer than 2,200 Filipinos.

It’s today’s Action Calendar!

The Radicals and Progressives “Meet and Eat” is tonight at 5pm at the Orient House Restaurant, 626 South Park Street. More info at 249-0879.

The History of Political Economy Group meets tonight from 6:30 to 8:30pm at 404 South Park Street, Apartment 2 – above the University Audio store, apartment entrance in rear of the building. Newcomers are welcome. Bring snacks and beverages of your choice. More info at 256-1261.

The third annual Madison-area Canstruction Competition will be held May 2nd at KEVA Sports Center in Middleton. “Canstruction” is a competition where teams of community members build structures out of canned goods and packaged food. After the structures are built and the winners declared, all food used in the structures is donated to the Middleton Outreach Ministry Food Pantry. Register your team today! More info at canstructionmadison.org.

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