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Tuesday, 19 November 2013 |
Cd releaseThis coming Friday, November 29th on WORT’s “The Rattlesnake Shake” (8:00-11:00 pm CST), D.J. el Serpentine will present the premiere of the new JOHN HERDT & WALLY Z CD “Horizon Miles”, as the “New Disc At 9″ !! This is the 4th release by John Herdt & Wally Z, and this excellent new CD features bass by David Givens, of the classic 60s/70s/80s psychedelic rock group Zephyr! Also featured on two tracks is vocalist Ron Cameron from the groups Ozgood Slatter and Cameron Curse. John Herdt is a Denver-area guitarist/composer who has worked with jazz/pop/r&b bassist Carol Kaye, The Mnemonist Orchestra, Ruckus, Mirage, The Bobby Berge Project, and has several solo albums to his name. Wally Z is a drummer from Ontario who has performed with Derek St. Holmes, Top Dead Centre, David Ducharme-Jones, Ozgood Slatter, and G.S. Teaser. The music of John Herdt & Wally Z runs the gamut from hard rock, to airy progressive fusion, and in to the realm of ambient psychedelic blues. Please join us on November 29th for this very special event, which will also feature phone-in interviews with the band members! Only on listener-sponsored community radio, WORT 89.9 in Madison.
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