Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Sunday, 14 July 2013 | Kiosk Collective

Today in 1794: In the Whiskey Rebellion, 500 armed citizens, protesting a new excise tax on distilleries, clash with Fort Pitt troops after firing on a revenue collector and burning down his home.

Within three weeks, fifteen thousand uniformed militia men will enter the fray. The reinforcements will include U.S. Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton, whose close associates in the rum business are among the tax’s major benefactors.

It’s Today’s Action Calendar!

Tonight is a panel discussion with Matt Rothschild, Editor of The Progressive Magazine and Allen Ruff, historian and political activist, titled “ “The Surveillance State.” There is a requested donation, with proceeds to benefit WYOU Community Access Television. This is tonight at 6:30pm at The Fountain, 122 State Street. More info at 249-8428.

Thursday, A Room of One’s Own welcomes two debut Madison authors, Miki Knezevic and Dan Maguire, for a reading and Q & A from their recently published novels. This is Thursday at 6:30pm at the bookstore, 315 West Gorham Street. More info at

Attend the Citizens Climate Lobby Conference Celebration and Report to hear and celebrate stories from local participants in Washington, D.C.’s 4th international CCL conference. This free event is Sunday at 7pm at Arboretum Cohousing, 1137 Erin Street. More info at 608-836-0074 or email

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