Youth Mental Health and Wellness

Tuesday, 10 September 2013 | A Public Affair

A major issue that our schools face today is youth mental health and wellness. On Tuesday September 10th, our host Carousel Bayrd was joined by Marykay Wills, mental health and alternate care service manager with Dane County Human Services and Jeannette Deloya, a program support social worker with Madison Metropolitan School District to discuss the issues that Madison school have been addressing in order to better mental health and wellness in youth.

Many factors contribute to children’s mental health and wellness as Marykay Wills explains, “Things like poverty, brain development in children- especially when we’re talking about kids- nutrition, health care access, all of those things affect children in terms of their behavioral and mental health and stability.”Bayrd, Wills, and Deloya anaylized the factors that can contribute to a child’s mental health and what Madison schools are doing to consider those factors in their mental health awareness.

Bayrd, Wills,and Deloya also discussed how schools, in general, may not be considered health care providers for children, but mental health awareness is one of the number of factors that contribute to positive learning. We cannot expect children to learn well if they don’t feel safe,“It’s a basic need. People who feel safe in their environments who are feed, who are well rested are going to be able to function in the environments to the extent possible for them… if you don’t have those basic needs met, you will not be available for those higher level of thoughts and processes that you need to be able to take in information.” – Jeannette Deloya

If you want to learn how you can stay aware of what’s happening in your children’s school in terms of mental health awareness, check out You can also contact Jeannette Deloya at:


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